Loan Products

Loan Purposes
  • Agricultural Loans for the production, processing and manufacturing of food.
  • Agrarian Any type of loan granted to beneficiaries of agrarian reform, the
    proceeds of which are used for the farm.
  • Commercial Loans that are used for trade or retail and wholesale buy and sell of goods.
  • Manufacturing Loans for production of goods.
  • Construction Loans for the construction of buildings.
  • Real Estate Loans Loans used to acquire real properties.
  • Transportation Loans for the acquisition of transportation equipment.
  • Services Loans used in the service industry such as food, catering, restaurant,
    hotel, barber shop, parlors, medical doctor, dental and any other
    business that is involved in selling services rather than the sale of goods.
  • Utilities Loans for electric, water, telephone, cell phone
  • Others All other loans that do not fall in any category