Mission and Vision


Biñan Rural Bank Inc aims to be among the top Rural Banks in the country by 2023, with the primary goal of uplifting the quality of life its stakeholders through the delivery of timely and efficient financial services and by supporting the programs in its immediate community.



To our Clients

     To provide fast, efficient and relevant financial services. To help grow businesses and savings.

To our Employees

     To ensure continuous professional growth by nurturing and developing inherent talents.

To our Shareholders

     To provide a fair return on investments.

To the Community

     To assist  in promoting sustainable growth and environmental protection. To create jobs directly or indirectly.


As a banking institution, Binan Rural Bank, Inc. thrives on the trust of its employees, directors, clients, shareholders and the rest of the banking community. As such we shall always strive to maintain this trust by upholding the following core values:

• Corporate Governance
• Quality of Service
• Integrity
• Honesty
• Responsible and Prudent Communications
• Proper Use of Company Resources
• Professional Decorum

At the end of the day, we affirm that it is our products and our core values that will allow us to become one of the top rural banks in the country.